Harry Robert Trickett

December 1839, Nottinghamshire, England.

April 1909, Keokuk, Iowa.

Oak Grove Cemetery, Hamilton, Illinois.

Trickett emigrated to America at age 12. He went back to England as a young man to complete his education, and studied for a career in law, but soon decided for the minisry. After returning to America, he bought a farm in Montebello Township, Hancock County, Illinois, which was home for the rest of his life. He became a Disciples of Christ minister, and held pastorates in Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri, and did much evangelistic work.

In the closing years of his life it was his custom to write a Christmas sermon for the Nauvoo, Illinois, Independent. The closing words of his last sermon were:

In all probability, this is the last Christmas sermon I shall write you. Accept as my Christmas gift. It is all I have to give you know. There will be no Christmas festivities for me. I am old and feeble and lonely, but my heart goes out to you in good wishes. I am very thankful for the warmth and shelter of the hospital, and, while I think and hope that God may give me strength and health again, yet I do not know, nor do I care overmuch. It is well, no matter what happens. Living or dying, I have partaken of the Christmas melodies. I see beyond the shadow of the cross, and have passed into the garden of Joseph of Arimathea, and am standing among the white lilies of the resurrection. I see that the risen Lord and the Babe of Bethlehem are one, and I cry in the words of the grand old chant, O Lamb of God, who taketh away the sin of the world, have mercy on me. Amen and amen.

  1. Are You Doers of the Word?
  2. Blessèd Are They Who Do His Commandments
  3. Blow the Trumpet, Watchman
  4. Cheer Up, Brethren, Pilgrim
  5. Christ for Me, O Joy Divine
  6. Christ the Lord Is My Salvation
  7. Come, for the Banquet Is Waiting
  8. Come to the Feast
  9. Come, He Is Calling
  10. Dark Is the Night, and the Waves Run High
  11. Dark Is the World, My Brother
  12. Drifting Away, Drifting Away, Leaving the Harbor
  13. Fainter the Pulse Is Beating
  14. Fairer Than Dawn of the Morning
  15. From the Children Who Dwell
  16. Guilty Soul, Lift Up Thine Eyes
  17. I Love Thee, I Love Thee, O Savior Divine
  18. In the Desert of Sorrow and Sin
  19. Jesus, Full of Truth and Grace
  20. Jesus Is Ready Your Sins to Forgive
  21. Jesus Speaks and Says to Ne
  22. Kingdom Shall Stand, The
  23. Light of the World
  24. Mingled Together the Wheat and the Chaff
  25. None but Jesus Is Able to Save
  26. Not by Peace Alone
  27. O How Precious Is the Promise
  28. O Tear Stained Cheek
  29. O Ye Wanderers, Come
  30. O Go Now, Ye Sinners, and Weep
  31. Old Pathway, The
  32. Once I Wandered Away from the Good Shepherd’s Fold
  33. Once on the Ocean Sailed
  34. Only for Thee, Savior Divine
  35. Our Tents Are All Folded
  36. Rejoice, O Ye Children, Rejoice
  37. Rock and the Sand, The
  38. Salvation for All the Savior Has Died
  39. Saved, Saved, Saved, Saved by the Blood
  40. Sing of Jesus, Praise, O Praise Him
  41. Strive to Enter the Strait Gate
  42. Trusting Day by Day
  43. We Are Volunteers for Jesus
  44. We Shall See and Know
  45. What Can the Children Do?
  46. What Host Is This?
  47. When Jesus Saw Men Heavy Laden with Care
  48. When My Heart Is Distressed
  49. When We Pass Death’s
  50. Where the Golden Bells
  51. With Crowns on Their Heads
  52. Yes, He Is Coming, No Angel Can Say