January 30, 1813, Wodehouse Place, Falmouth, Cornwall (a minority number of records give a birth date of January 20).

April 24, 1875, Plymouth, Devon, England.


Son of a Quaker, Tregelles was educated at the Falmouth Grammar School. From 1833-44, he worked in the Neath Abbey Iron Works. In 1836, he became a private tutor in Falmouth. His deep interest in Biblical studies developed into a desire to produce the most perfect version of the Greek Testament it was possible to publish. The first specimens of his work were published in 1838, and the first installments for public use appeared in 1844; the project was hampered by attacks of paralysis in 1861 and 1870, and Tregelles was eventually compelled to accept help. The work appeared as a whole in 1879.

Tregelles’ hymn writing apparently began before 1837, and extended to 1861 or later. His earliest hymns were published in the Plymouth Brethren’s Hymns for the Poor of the Flock, 1838.

  1. Father, We Thy Children Bless Thee
  2. Gloomy Night Will Soon Be Past, The
  3. Holy Savior, We Adore Thee
  4. Lord Jesus, We Believing
  5. O God of Grace, Our Father
  6. O Look Not on the Cross of Christ
  7. Gloomy Night Will Soon Be Past, The
  8. Thou God of Grace, Our Father
  9. Thou, Lord of All, on Earth Hast Dwelt
  10. Thou, O God, Thy Love Commendest
  11. Thy Broken Body, Gracious Lord
  12. Thy Name Alone, O Lord, We Own
  13. ’Tis Sweet, O God, Thy Praise to Sing
  14. ’Tis Sweet to Think of Those at Rest
  15. ’Twas the Holy Ghost Who Taught Us

Tregelles’ burial place