November 28, 1870, Islington, Middlesex, Eng­land.

September 17, 1960, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Eng­land.


Ruth was the daughter of Plymouth Brethren members John Hart Tracy and Susannah Randall Allen.

She started attending Sal­va­tion Army (SA) meetings in 1888 in Dorking, Surrey, and in Holloway and Wood Green. She later began working at the SA International Headquarters, in the Home Office’s Appointments Department. She became an SA officer in 1891, serving in Alcester, Warwickshire; Feckenham, Worcestershire; Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes; and Birmingham.

She joined the SA Editorial Department in 1894, and worked on The War Cry, The Social Gazette, The Young Soldier, and The Deliverer. She retired as a brigadier in 1931. She wrote over 100 songs, which appeared in The Musical Sal­va­tionist and other publications.

  1. At Harvest Time Our Eyes Behold
  2. I’ve a Friend, of Friends the Fairest
  3. I’ve Found the Secret of Success
  4. Lord, I Come to Thee Beseeching
  5. Lord, I Pray That I May Know Thee
  6. Lord, Thou Art Questioning: Lovest Thou Me?
  7. Send Out Thy Light and Thy Truth, Lord
  8. Where Are Now Those Doubts That Hindered?

Tracy’s burial place