April 5, 1850, Towner Hill, Rome, Pennsylvania.

October 3, 1919, Longwood, Missouri, while leading the music for an evangelistic meeting.

Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois.

Robert Beverly.


Towner studied music under his father (a well known singer and teacher in his own right), John Howard, George Root, and James Webb. He was music director at the Centenary Methodist Church in Binghamton, New York (1870-82); the York Street Methodist Episcopal Church, Cincinnati, Ohio (1882-84); the Union Methodist Episcopal Church, Covington, Kentucky (1884-85); and the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois (1893-1919). The American Temperance University in Harriman, Tennessee, awarded Towner a Doctorate of Music in 1900. His works include:

  1. Angel’s Song, The
  2. Anywhere with Jesus
  3. Arm for the Conflict
  4. At Calvary
  5. At Christmas Time
  6. Ayer
  7. Be Not Deceived
  8. Bethlehem’s Beautiful Star
  9. Bird with the Broken Wing, The
  10. Brink
  11. Camden Market
  12. Caumartin
  13. Christ Jesus Hath the Power
  14. Christian Fellowship Song
  15. Cling to the Bible, My Boy
  16. Coloma
  17. Coming of the King, The
  18. Covenant
  19. Croix Boissière
  20. Crystal Palace
  21. Fresno
  22. Gone from My Heart
  23. Full Surrender
  24. Hand That Was Nailed to the Cross, The
  25. Harare
  26. Hasten, Lord, Thy Coming
  27. He Is Caring for Me
  28. He Will Answer Every Prayer
  29. He’s a Friend of Mine
  30. Hear the Word
  31. I Am on the Glory Side
  32. I Am Standing on the Word of God
  33. I Do Love Jesus with All My Heart
  34. If It Be True
  35. If We Brightly Shine
  36. Jesus Only, Let Me See
  37. Joyful Sound
  38. Knob Lick
  39. Light in the Eastern Sky
  40. Long Beach
  41. Lookout Answers, All Is Well, The
  42. Lord Hath Risen, The
  43. Meeting in the Air
  44. Moody
  45. Move Forward!
  46. My Anchor Holds
  47. My House Will Stand
  48. Navarre
  49. Nor Silver Nor Gold
  50. Now I Know What Makes Me Happy
  51. Nu‘uanu Pali
  52. O Changeless Word
  53. O Blessèd Day!
  54. O Friend Without Jesus
  55. O Grace of God So Boundless
  56. O Thou God of My Salvation
  57. O Wonderful Love
  58. O Word of God
  59. Old Ship of Zion, The
  60. On That Great Day of Judgment
  61. Only a Sinner
  62. Risen Jesus, The
  63. Safe in Jehovah’s Keeping
  64. Saved by the Blood
  65. Saving Grace
  66. Send Out a Light
  67. Some Sweet Day
  68. Somewhere Tonight
  69. Star of Beauty
  70. Sunset Gate, The
  71. Tell Out the Wonderful Story
  72. There Is a Land Mine Eye Hath Seen
  73. There’s Peace in My Heart
  74. Though the Fig Tree Shall Not Blossom
  75. Through Me
  76. Till the Day Shall Dawn
  77. Trust and Obey
  78. What Will It Be When We See Him?
  79. Victory in My Soul
  80. Waiting
  81. Which Bid, My Brother?
  82. Who Is the King of Glory?
  83. Would You Believe?
  84. You’ll Reap Whatsoever You Sow