May 6, 1888, Melbourne or Sidney, Australia.

March 20, 1972, Santa Cruz, Cal­i­for­nia.

Herbert was the husband of Eva Margaret Jaderquist.

Tovey studied at the Moody Bible Institute, Chicago, Illinois, and the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Southern Cal­i­for­nia. He taught at the Bible Institute of Los An­ge­les; Simpson Bible College, Seattle, Washington; and the Western Bible Institute, Denver, Colorado. He also served as pastor of the First Baptist Church in Montebello, Cal­i­for­nia, and founded the Sacred Music Foundation. His works in­clude:

  1. Anchored in Jesus
  2. Be Prepared with Gospel Armor Shining
  3. Be Still Before the Lord
  4. Behold the Lamb of God!
  5. Believe on God’s Son
  6. Bells of Sal­va­tion Are Sounding, The
  7. Call of the Master, The
  8. Calvary’s Grace Transforms
  9. Captain’s Call Obey, The
  10. Challenge of Christ, The
  11. Christ Calls
  12. Come Forth
  13. Come to Me and Rest
  14. Full Surrender, A
  15. Give Me a Passion for Souls
  16. Go Tell He Is Risen
  17. God’s Book Will Change, No, Never
  18. God’s Call
  19. God’s Matchless Grace
  20. God’s Wonderful Grace
  21. God’s Word Is Wonderful, Perfect and True
  22. He Lives for Me
  23. He Moved It Out of the Way
  24. Hear the Voice of the Master Calling
  25. I Hear the Master Calling Me
  26. If You Would Think Tonight!
  27. In the Rock of Ages I Am There Secure
  28. Isn’t It Grand to Be a Christian?
  29. Jesus Calls the Boys and Girls
  30. Jesus Is a Friend of Mine
  31. Jesus Is Real and Precious to Me
  32. Jesus Needs You, Christian
  33. Just Follow the Vision That the Savior Gives
  34. Let Us Hear the Story of God’s Love and Care
  35. Life Abundantly Jesus Gives
  36. Lifted Me Up to Stay
  37. Live Christ Throughout the Day
  38. Marching to Glory
  39. My Daily Guide
  40. Not by Values Told Such as Gems or Gold
  41. Now Thanks Be unto God
  42. O What a Wonderful Day That Will Be
  43. O Wonderful Message
  44. One Day Thru My Tears
  45. Open the Door of Your Heart
  46. Praise God, I’m Saved
  47. Savior I Have, ’Tis Jesus, A
  48. Sinner’s Hope, The
  49. Soon the Day Shall Come
  50. Strength for All Thy Days
  51. Take the Savior into Your Heart
  52. Tested Band, The
  53. There’s a Longing
  54. There’s a Place of Quiet Resting
  55. They Crucified My Lord
  56. Thou Art My Treasure
  57. Though All Things This World Holds as Precious
  58. Through Jesus’ Blood
  59. Time with Its Tempests Is Passing Away
  60. ’Tis the Voice of Jesus
  61. To Live and Tell to All
  62. Walking in the Promises
  63. We Raise Our Prayer to Thee
  64. Weighed Before God
  65. Welcome, Welcome, All
  66. What a Savior I Have Found in Christ My Lord
  67. When He May Come
  68. When Jesus Came to Me in All My Need
  69. When the Day Seems Long and the Clouds Hang Low
  70. Whosoever Will May Come
  71. Winner of Souls, A
  72. Wonderful Book, The
  73. Wondrous Gospel Story, The
  74. Yield Now to God
  1. Day of All Days, The
  2. Make Jesus Glad
  3. O Calvary
  4. With My Savior Glorified