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No­vem­ber 4, 1740, Farn­ham, Sur­rey, Eng­land.

Au­gust 11, 1778, Ken­sing­ton, Mid­dle­sex, Eng­land, of tu­ber­cu­lo­sis.

White­field’s Ta­ber­na­cle, Tot­ten­ham Court Road, Lon­don, Eng­land.



Toplady at­tend­ed West­min­ster School, Lon­don, and Tri­ni­ty Col­lege, Dub­lin.

He was or­dained an Ang­li­can priest in 1762, and served as cur­ate at Blag­don and Far­leigh. In 1766, he be­came vi­car of Broad­hem­bu­ry, De­von­shire.

He left the Ang­li­can church in 1775, moved to Lon­don, and be­gan preach­ing at the French Cal­vin­ist church in Lei­ces­ter Fields.

His works in­clude:

  1. Amplest Grace in Thee I Find
  2. Can My Hea­ven-Born Soul Sub­mit?
  3. Come from on High, My King and God
    • O Might This Worth­less Heart of Mine
  4. Compared with Christ, in All Be­sides
  5. Deathless Prin­ci­ple Arise
  6. Debtor to Mer­cy Alone, A
  7. Earnest of Fu­ture Bliss
  8. Encompassed with Clouds of Dis­tress
  9. Eternal Hal­le­lu­jahs Be to the Fa­ther Giv­en
  10. Fountain of Ne­ver Ceas­ing Grace
  11. From Thy Su­preme Tri­bu­nal, Lord
    • Spotless Sav­ior Lived for Me, The
  12. From Whence This Fear and Un­be­lief
  13. Grace, ’Tis a Charm­ing Sound
  14. Great God, Whom Hea­ven, and Earth and Sea
  15. How Vast the Ben­e­fits Di­vine
    • Not for the Works Which We Have Done
  16. I Saw, and Lo! A Count­less Throng
  17. If, on a Qui­et Sea
  18. Immovable Our Hope Re­mains
  19. Jesus, God of Love, At­tend
  20. Jesus, Im­mu­ta­bly the Same
  21. Jesus, Thy Pow­er I Fain Would Feel
  22. Lord, I Feel a Car­nal Mind
  23. My Yield­ing Heart Dis­solves as Wax
    • O Je­sus, Ma­ni­fest Thy Grace
  24. Not to My­self I Owe
    • Father’s Grace and Love, The
    • Not to Our­selves We Owe
  25. O Pre­cious Blood, O Glo­ri­ous Death
  26. O That My Heart Was Right with Thee
  27. O Thou That Hear’st the Pray­er of Faith
  28. O Thou Who Didst Thy Glo­ry Leave
  29. O When Wilt Thou My Sav­ior Be?
    • Jesus, the Sinner’s Rest Thou Art
  30. Object of My First De­sire
  31. Pilot of the Soul, Awake
  32. Prayer Can Mer­cy’s Door Un­lock
  33. Redeemer, Whi­ther Should I Flee?
  34. Refining Full­er, Make Me Clean
  35. Remember, Lord, That Je­sus Bled
  36. Rock of Ag­es
  37. Surely Christ Thy Griefs Hath Borne
    • Weary Sin­ner, Keep Thine Eyes
    • Weeping Soul, No Long­er Mourn
  38. Thee, Fa­ther, We Bless
  39. What Though I Can­not Break My Chain
  40. What Tho’ My Frail Eye­lids Re­fuse
  41. When Lang­uor and Dis­ease In­vade
  42. Whom Have I in Hea­ven but Thee?
    • If My Lord Him­self Re­veal
  43. Your Harps, Ye Trem­bling Saints
  1. Holy Ghost, Di­spel Our Sad­ness