Early 20th Century
Jessie P. Tompkins
  1. Are You Waiting, Only Waiting?
  2. Bear the News to Mother
  3. Beautiful White Clouds Drifting Away
  4. Bethany's Comforter Comes to Bless
  5. Beyond the Stars That Brightly Gleam
  6. Fair Lights of Home
  7. Flee Away, Ye Shades of Night!
  8. He Quiets the Storm
  9. He Will Never Forsake Me
  10. Heal Me Now
  11. If in Doubt About Our Actions
  12. In That Sacred Land
  13. Jesus Comes
  14. Just Beyond These Earthly Scenes
  15. Let Us Draw Near to the Savior
  16. Like a Silver Boat the Moon Glides Free
  17. Living Water
  18. My Savior, I Would Sing His Praise
  19. Nearer, the Sweeter, The
  20. O Praise the Lord, I Know It Now
  21. One Who Bore a Cross
  22. Only the Childlike
  23. Savior, Lead Me There
  24. Scarlet Line, The
  25. Streets of Gold, The
  26. Sweet Land of Bliss
  27. Thinly Hangs the Veil Between
  28. Treasures That Never Grow Old
  29. True Rest
  30. Until I Find it in Jesus
  31. Valley of Not Today, The
  32. Voice Above the Storm, The
  33. When for Me the Sunlight Gleams
  34. Why Not Catch the Sunbeams?