January 1, 1882, Gayle, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England.

January 7, 1967, Lambeth, London, England.

Lambeth, London, England.


One of 10 children born to Methodist parents, Tiplady began working part time in a cotton mill at age 10, and left school by age 13, though he took private lessons and attended a technical school. He studied for the Wesleyan Methodist ministry for three years at the Richmond Theological College in London, and entered the ministry in 1908. He served five years in London’s East End, at the Old Ford Mission in the Poplar and Bow Circuit. In World War I, he was a chaplain with the Queen’s Westminster Rifles in the Somme and Arras campaigns in France. There he caught trench fever, which laid him up for some time; after recovery, he was stationed at Abbeville until the war’s end. Following the war, he conducted a five month speaking tour in America. Upon return to England, he was appointed to the Buxton Road Church in Huddersfield, then became Superintendent of the Lambeth Mission in London in 1922, and was there 32 years.

In addition to writing over 250 hymns, Tiplady pioneered the use of films in evangelism, helping found the Religious Film Society of London. In 1931, he visited America as a delegate to the Ecumenical Conference of Methodism in Atlanta, Georgia, and there read a paper on “The Press and Motion Pictures as International and Ethical Factors.” His other works include:

  1. Above the Hills of Time
  2. Away in a Village
  3. Beyond the Wheeling Worlds of Light
  4. Lord Jesus, in Our Better Moods
  5. Lord Jesus, in the Wintertime
  6. I Worship Him Who Throned the Moon
  7. Night Has Drawn Its Curtain
  8. We Leave Thy House, but Leave Not Thee