Mrs. J. B. Thresher

Feb­ru­a­ry 20, 1841, Zanes­ville, Ohio.

Au­gust 28, 1932.

Woodland Ce­me­te­ry and Ar­bo­re­tum, Day­ton, Ohio.

In 1861, Sar­ah mar­ried Jo­seph Brain­erd Thresh­er (1836–1920) of Day­ton, Ohio. If a set of lyrics is attributed to Mrs. J. B. Thresh­er, the actual author may be Sar­ah Bliss Threshe­r, or may be Fan­ny Cros­by, who used Mrs. J. B. Thresh­er as one of her pseudonyms.

  1. Eyes Have We, Both Keen and Bright
  2. I Will Pray
  3. Mary’s Faith and Love
  4. No Other Heart Can Give to Thee
  5. Soldiers of Jesus, We Sing as We Go
  6. To Thee, O Lord, Be­longs
  7. Where Jesus’ Little Lambs Are Led
  8. Within His Chamber Thrice a Day

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