Late 19th Century
Annie E. Thompson
  1. Call of Samuel, The
  2. Early Will I Seek Thee
  3. From the Lips of Christ
  4. Gently Now the Mists
  5. Go Forward in Thy Work
  6. Happy New Year
  7. Hark, What Notes of Joy
  8. Here, Where Our Land Is Bright
  9. I’ll Meet Thee at the Eastern Gate
  10. Mournfully, Tearfully Hear
  11. No Tears Are in That Heavenly Place
  12. O There’s Not In This Wide World
  13. O How Sweet ’Tis to Toil
  14. Over the Darkened Homes
  15. Rise and Follow Me
  16. Shadow of the Rock, The
  17. Shall We Know Each Other There?
  18. Sounding o’er the Deep Blue
  19. There’s Gain for All Our Losses
  20. They’re Waiting for Us