Early 20th Century
  1. All to Thee I Give Forevermore
  2. Alluring Is the Evil Way
  3. Are You Ever Coming from the Wilds?
  4. Are You Gladly Waiting?
  5. Are You Going Homeward, Pilgrim?
  6. Are You Watching for Temptation?
  7. As We Journey On, O Savior Guide
  8. At the Dawning of That Morning Bright
  9. At the Judgment Throne
  10. At Your Post Be Found
  11. Away on the Mountain
  12. Be Careful of Your Deeds
  13. Bear the Light, O Christian
  14. Because of Him Who Died for Me
  15. Behold the Dawn in All Its Beauty
  16. Behind Sin’s Prison Bars Is Sorrow
  17. Beyond the Hills
  18. Blest Redeemer, Give Me Strength
  19. Bridegroom Is Coming, The
  20. By the Side of the River
  21. Christ, My Lord, By Foes Betrayed
  22. Clasp the Savior’s Hand As You Journey
  23. Come to the Cross Where Mercy Is Flowing
  24. Come, Ye Weary, to the Savior
  25. Coming Again
  26. Dark the Path I Trod and Dreary
  27. Day By Day I’m Coming
  28. Don’t Give Up the Fight
  29. Down from Above God Sent His Son
  30. Facing the Throne
  31. Follow Jesus at His Word
  32. For My King
  33. For That Dreadful Summons
  34. From Jesus’ Tender Care
  35. Gather Sheaves from the Harvest
  36. Gently Sleeping, Free
  37. Give Us Life and Strength
  38. Guard Thy Thoughts
  39. Happy Soldiers
  40. Have You Heard the Blessed Story?
  41. Have You Heard the Wondrous Message?
  42. Have You Tried to Reclaim Them from Sin?
  43. He Gives Us the Power
  44. He Leads the Way, I’ll Follow On
  45. He Loved Me So, My Savior Died
  46. He Pardoned Me, O Can
  47. He Will Safely Lead Me
  48. Hear My Earnest Plea Today
  49. Hear the Savior Gently Say
  50. Hear Thou My Petition
  51. Hear Ye Him
  52. Heeding Not the Voice That Tells of Death
  53. Herald Salvation to the Lost
  54. I Am Coming, O My Savior
  55. I Am Going Through the Valley
  56. I Am Thinking Today As the Hours
  57. I Am Trusting Now in Jesus
  58. I Am Trusting the Savior
  59. I Can Hear His Sweet Voice
  60. I Did Not Know ’Twas Christ
  61. I Fear Not the Tempest
  62. I Found the Way to Life and Light
  63. I Have Oft Refused Salvation
  64. I Long to Be Near the Cross
  65. I Wandered Afar from the Safety of Home
  66. I Want to Serve My Lord and King
  67. I Was Lost in Sin’s Dark Night
  68. If I Trust, When Paths Are Yet
  69. If You Are Lost, O Soul
  70. If You Knew Some Hearts Were Longing
  71. If You Would Be Faithful
  72. If Your Lamp Is Trimmed
  73. If You’re Slighting Christ
  74. In His Service There Is Peace
  75. In That Beautiful Land
  76. In That Hour of Fearful Trial
  77. In the Savior’s Name
  78. Is My Name Recorded There?
  79. I’ve Wandered Afar from the Homeland
  80. Jesus Died on Calvary, the Fallen to Redeem
  81. Jesus, I Come Thy Mercy Entreating
  82. Jesus Is Calling to the Erring
  83. Jesus Loves His Wayward Children
  84. Just a Little Longer Faithful Be
  85. Just a Little While to Labor
  86. Keep Us, Father, Now We Pray
  87. Kneeling at My Savior’s Feet
  88. Launched upon the Stormy Sea
  89. Let It Ring Across the Mountain
  90. Let the Nations Be Glad
  91. Let Us Wait Patiently
  92. Light from Calvary, The
  93. Linger Not Away from Jesus
  94. Little Lights for Jesus Ever
  95. Look Beyond Life’s Dreary Shadows
  96. Lord, I Wait in Faith
  97. Love First Called Him
  98. Loved One, Jesus Calls Today
  99. Loyal to Christ, Our King
  100. Many Voices Now Are Calling Us Away
  101. Mid Life’s Sunshine Bright
  102. Mighty Foes No Longer Fearing
  103. Night Is Drawing Near
  104. Moments Are Gone, The
  105. No Wonder I Love Him
  106. Not Tonight
  107. O, Cling to His Love
  108. O Father, Forgive!
  109. O, Follow in His Steps Alway
  110. O I Want to Be Saved By His Mercy Today
  111. O Rejoice for the End of the Journey
  112. O Remember He Saves the Lost
  113. O Rest in Peace While Flowers Bloom
  114. O Ring Anew the Gospel Bells
  115. O Shall I a Place Be Given?
  116. O the Judgment Day Soon Is Coming
  117. O There Is a City Gleaming with Light
  118. O What Joy in the Savior’s Boundless Love to Dwell
  119. O Who Will Come I Hear You Say?
  120. On to the Fields of Ripened Grain
  121. On to Victory Pressing
  122. Our Hearts Are Throbbing Now
  123. Perfect Joy Is Reigning
  124. Poor Souls Who Stray Afar
  125. Precious Hours for Jesus
  126. Prepare for Eternity Never Delay
  127. Prodigal, Return
  128. Promise Is Given of Pardon, The
  129. Race of Life Is Nearly O’er, The
  130. Reaping Time Will Follow Sowing
  131. Savior Died in Agony, The
  132. See the Savior’s Footprints There
  133. Seek Him First, the Wonderful Savior
  134. Seek the Blessed Shelter
  135. Shall We Meet in That Land O’er There
  136. Sin Renounce and Choose Salvation
  137. Since Thou Art Gone, Our Precious One
  138. Sinking Neath This Heavy Weight
  139. Sinner, Pause Today
  140. Some Day Earth’s Toil
  141. Some Day, If We Have Lived Aright
  142. Someone Wanders on and On
  143. Sometime It Will Be Too Late
  144. Soon I Shall Be Going
  145. Soon Will Pass Life’s Golden Hours
  146. Soon You Will Be Crossing
  147. Spread the Glorious Tidings
  148. Standing By the Ocean Wide
  149. Standing on Your Threshold
  150. Stay Thou My Hand, When Wrong
  151. Storms May Threaten, I Have Jesus
  152. Teach Me, Blessed Lord
  153. Tell Me Why You’re Straying
  154. That Terrible Day When the Lost Shall Assemble
  155. There Are Many Today Who Are Longing for the Light
  156. There’s a Country Bright and Fair
  157. There’s Service for You
  158. They Are Gone to the Land Where No Sorrows
  159. Think of Me When the Battle Is Ended
  160. This Life Is Full of Pain and Care
  161. Thou Art Gone to the Land
  162. Thou Art Near, O Friend So True
  163. Though the Way Is Dim, We Will Follow On
  164. Though You Wandered Far
  165. Thousands Who Know Not
  166. Time Is Now, The
  167. Time of Death Is Swiftly Drawing, The
  168. ’Tis the Call to Arms, O Soldier
  169. ’Tis Today You Should Repent
  170. Today He Is Calling You Home
  171. Today Is the Time You Should
  172. Too Long You’re Delaying
  173. Unto Thee, O Lord, in Faith I Come
  174. Upon Sin’s Mountain Bleak and Wild
  175. Waiting Too Long
  176. Wanderer Lost in Sin’s Dark Night
  177. Way Is So Dark, The
  178. Wayward One Afar in Darkness
  179. We Are All Standing upon the Uncertain
  180. We Are Parted Here, Dear Friends
  181. We Must Go Amid the Harvest
  182. We Oft Have Met Our Lord to Praise
  183. We Weep and Mourn, When
  184. We’ll Never Forget Our Unchangeable Friend
  185. We’re Drifting on the Sea of Life
  186. What a Friend Is He, Jesus
  187. When I Find Life’s Vigil O’er
  188. When I Think of Him, My Wondrous
  189. When the Boatman Calls Be It
  190. When the Shades of Death
  191. When the Shades of Even Fall
  192. When the Silent Graves Shall Rend
  193. When the World Shall Ended Be
  194. When ’Tis Night You Cannot Work
  195. When We Meet Beyond the River
  196. When We Reach Death’s Turbid Stream
  197. When We’re All Gathered
  198. When You Are Arraigned for Judgment
  199. When You Stand at the Throne to Receive
  200. While Here I Stay
  201. While Toiling Upward Day By Day
  202. While upon Our Pilgrim Journey
  203. While You Wait in Idleness
  204. Who Can Know That Awful Hour
  205. Will the Angels Come Today?
  206. Will You Enter Today?
  207. Will You Listen to Jesus?
  208. With the Faithful Few There’s a Dwelling Fair
  209. Wonderful Shepherd Now Calls, The
  210. Wonderful News I Hear
  211. You Are Lost in Sin’s Desert
  212. You Can Find the Way
  213. You Can Service Render
  214. You Can Trust Him, Sinner
  215. You Have Heard His Precious Word
  216. You Have Tarried, O So Long
  217. You Must Quickly Decide for the Right