October 22, 1822, New York.

February 7, 1895, Summit, New Jersey.

Ramsay was a graduate of New York University (1842) and Princeton Seminary (1845). He served as a Reformed Dutch pastor in various places, including East Brooklyn, St. Paul’s (R.P.D.), New York City, and North Reformed Church, Brooklyn (1874). He was joint editor of the Reformed Dutch Hymns of the Church (New York: 1869) and Hymns of Prayer and Praise (1871). He contributed original hymns and translations from the Latin to these collections, to Schaff’s Christ in Song (1869), and to the Sunday School Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1883).

  1. Casting Down Their Crowns Before Thee
  2. Eternal Father, God of Peace
  3. Hail, Kingly Jesus, to Thy Feet
  4. Here the King Hath Spread His Table
  5. O Thou Whose Filmed and Fading Eye
  6. Praise Our Glorious King and Lord
  7. Praise Our Glorious Lord
  8. Praise the Lord, His Glories Show
  9. Sing Aloud, Children, Sing to the Glorious King
  10. Wayfarers in the Wilderness
  11. We Keep the Festival of the Slain Lamb
  12. When from Out the Shining Gateway
  1. Morning Purples All the Sky, The
  2. Zion, to Thy Savior Singing