P. V. Thommy Upadeshi, പി. വി. തൊമ്മി

1881, Kunnamkulam, Kerala, India.

July 10, 1919.


Born into a very poor family, Thommy became a teacher after completing his basic education. After a few years of teaching, he became a full time evangelist in the Mar Thoma church. Rev. C. M. Joseph, Vicar of the Kunnamkulam Parish, encouraged him in his Gospel work. Titus II Marthoma Metropolitan appointed him as an evangelist in Trichur and Perumbavoor. Though he lacked formal theological training, he was a walking encyclopedia of the Bible, which he had read many times. In due course of time, he learned Tamil.

In 1919, during a cholera outbreak in Kunnamkulam where many died, Thommy volunteered to treat the patients. He was eventually infected with cholera and died of the disease.

Thommy’s works include:

  1. എത്ര ഭാഗ്യം!
  2. അന്‍പു തിങ്ങും ദയാപരനേ
  3. യേശുവിന്‍ ജനനത്തെ നാം