1878- circa 1969

September 11, 1878, Eastford, Connecticut.

1968 or 1970, Claremont, California.

Daughter of James Thomas and Eunice Dean Drake, Edith was educated at Boston University, and at the Union Theological Seminary School of Sacred Music, New York City. She taught music and worship at Boston University (1918–32), directed church school music at Christ Church Methodist in New York City, and co-founded the Miss Thomas Preparatory School in Collingswood, New Jersey. Her works include:

  1. All Covered With Earth
  2. All the Beauty Out of Doors
  3. All Things Made New in Time for Spring
  4. As We Truly Worship
  5. Beautiful Pictures That We See
  6. Boys and Girls, Welcome to You All
  7. Crocus in the Grass
  8. Dear Father of Us All
  9. Far Away in North-land
  10. For All the Good Things Which This Day Has Bro’t Us
  11. For Neighbors, Who See Not
  12. Give Food to All, We Ask This Day
  13. Gladly to the House of Worship
  14. God of Our Friends
  15. Good Day, Good Day, Thus Spake
  16. Hear the Tinkling of Far Off Bells
  17. Heavenly Father, Gladly We Come
  18. High in the Elm Tree
  19. Holiday in Summer, A
  20. I Climb the Highest Point of Land
  21. In the Maple Tree Branches
  22. In the Morning, When I Wake
  23. In the Morning, When I’m Called
  24. Jesus Sat in the Temple
  25. Listen, Dear God, as We Now Repeat
  26. Little Maid, O Little Hebrew Maid
  27. Look Up, People, to the Sky
  28. O Mighty Wind, Aroaring Loud
  29. On the Little Christ-Child’s Birthday
  30. One, Two, Three Pretty Leaves
  31. Our Garden Is a Lovely Place
  32. Out on the Sea of Galilee
  33. Over the Sea Our Chinese Friends
  34. Parents Took Jesus, When Twelve
  35. Sing, Sing, Bird in Apple Tree
  36. Take This Offering, Dear Father
  37. The Bible Is a Story Book
  38. The Birds Are Flying Southward
  39. The Pilgrim People Long Ago
  40. The Radio Comes Down From Heaven
  41. There’s a Lad Here, Said Andrew
  42. To God’s Most Holy House
  43. Trees Are Good to Have for Friends
  44. Upon a Special Thursday
  45. Waving, Waving Our Colors
  46. We Sing, O God, Our Song
  47. We Thank You, God, for What We Eat
  48. When Father Reads Aloud
  49. When the Winter Winds Do Blow
  50. Within a Garden Fair
  51. Yellow Flowers Are Cheerfulest
  1. Praise and Thanksgiving Let Everyone Bring