1857-Circa 1910

The Daily Union History of Atlantic City and County (Atlantic City, New Jersey: Daily Union Printing, 1900), page 271, says Thomas was Supervisor of Drawing in the local public schools. The Bulletin of Atlanta University (Atlanta, Georgia, number 148, October 1904), page 1, has this sketch on her:

Miss Alexcenah Thomas, of Philadelphia, Pa., comes to us as Supervisor of Primary Work and Critic Teacher in the Oglethorpe Practice School. Miss Thomas is a graduate of the School of Education in Chicago University, and has had long and valuable experience. For eleven years she was engaged in primary and intermediate work in the public schools of Greensburg, Pa., and Tacoma, Wash., after which she held successively the positions of Principal of the Modal School in connection with the City Normal School of Springfield, Mass., Primary Supervisor for all the public schools of Atlantic City, N. J., and Principal of the Model School in connection with the State Normal School of East Stroudsburg, N. Y. During her six years in Atlantic City she had the supervision of fifty-nine rooms, of which eleven were filled with colored children.

  1. Beautiful Star
  2. Blessed Harvest Home
  3. Bring Them In
  4. Come to the Rock
  5. Come, Wanderer, Come
  6. Easter Bells Are Sweetly Pealing
  7. Get Behind Me, Satan
  8. Grandest Songs, The
  9. Hail, Hail, Hail
  10. He Pardoned a Sinner Like Me
  11. He Shall Feed His Flock
  12. Hear Ye the Story
  13. I’ll Go and Accept Him
  14. Jesus Is the Star of Guidance
  15. Jesus, the Shepherd, Is Calling
  16. Joy, Joy, Joy, He Lives
  17. Like Sheep We Have Strayed
  18. Light from the Cross
  19. Look Not on the Clouds That Gather
  20. My Shepherd
  21. O, How Fair the Golden Land of Promise
  22. O Swift to the Ark
  23. Oh, How We Love Him
  24. Our Counselor
  25. Peace, Be Still
  26. Precious Promise, The
  27. Room at the Fountain
  28. Savior, Guide Me
  29. Shower with Blessings
  30. Sing the Glorious Victory
  31. Take Your Harps on Willows
  32. Tell It Out with a Shout
  33. Tell the Whole World the Story
  34. ’Tis a Story Full of Wonder
  35. ’Tis the Harvest Time
  36. We Are Coming
  37. We Come Before Our King
  38. We Will Labor
  39. We Will Little Jewels Be
  40. We Would Follow
  41. What Shall We Do with the Savior?
  42. Who in the Kingdom Great