April 19, 1607, Königsberg, Prussia.

July 27, 1662, Königsberg, Prussia.

Thilo matriculated in 1624 at the University of Königsberg as a theology student, but devoted himself especially to the study of rhetoric. When the Professor of Rhetoric, Samuel Fuchs, retired in 1632, he recommended Thilo as his successor. The post was, at Thilo’s request, kept open for two years, during which Thilo pursued his studies at the University of Leyden. On returning to Königsberg, he received his MA degree on April 20, 1634, then became Professor of Rhetoric. During his 28 years tenure, he was five times elected dean of the Philosophical Faculty, and twice as university rector.

Thilo was a great friend of Heinrich Albert and Simon Dach, and was with them a member of the Königsberg Poetical Union. Thilo wrote two textbooks on rhetoric, published in 1635 and 1647. His hymns were almost all written for various festivals of the Christian year; they appeared mainly in the Preussiche Fest-Lieder (Elbing: 1642-44), and in the Neu Preussiches vollständiges Gesang Buch (Königsberg: 1650).

  1. Mit Ernst, o Menschenkinder