Thiel ran a mu­sic pub­lish­ing bus­i­ness in Chi­ca­go, Il­li­nois in the 1880’s.

  1. Bring Your Lov­ing Gifts to Jesus
  2. Jesus On­ly
  3. Beyond This Toil­some Path of Life
  4. Dost Thou Hear the Sav­ior Call­ing?
  5. Father of Mer­cies, Hear Our Cry
  6. I Hear Thy Gen­tle Voice
  7. I Left My Sins at the Foot of the Cross
  8. I Love to Think of Child­hood’s Days
  9. In That Home Above Where An­gels Dwell
  10. In the Ar­my of Je­ho­vah
  11. In the Care of Je­sus
  12. Jehovah in His Tem­ple Is
  13. Jesus in Hea­ven Above
  14. Jesus Only
  15. Learn to Read the Word
  16. Little Lamb Once Left the Fold, A
  17. Lord, I Hear That Thou Art Call­ing
  18. More Like Thee, O Lord
  19. Nearer, O Lord, Come, Draw Me
  20. O Come, Ye Poor and Wretch­ed Souls
  21. O Look Above This Vale of Time
  22. O Lord, How Can I Call Thee Mine?
  23. O Lord, My Sins Are Ma­ny
  24. O Sin­ner, Come, the Lord Doth Call Thee
  25. Rest, Sweet Rest
  26. Safe in the Har­bor Here We Rest
  27. Teach Me, O Lord, My Soul Is Yearn­ing
  28. The Gates of Hea­ven Are Open Wide
  29. To Sab­bath School I Gladly Go
  30. We Are Sow­ing, Daily Sow­ing
  31. Who Speaks, What Are the Words?