Thiel ran a music publishing business in the 1880’s in Chicago, Illinois.

  1. Bring Your Loving Gifts to Jesus
  2. Jesus Only
  3. Beyond This Toilsome Path of Life
  4. Dost Thou Hear the Savior Calling?
  5. Father of Mercies, Hear Our Cry
  6. I Hear Thy Gentle Voice
  7. I Left My Sins at the Foot of the Cross
  8. I Love to Think of Childhood’s Days
  9. In That Home Above Where Angels Dwell
  10. In the Army of Jehovah
  11. In the Care of Jesus
  12. Jehovah in His Temple Is
  13. Jesus in Heaven Above
  14. Jesus Only
  15. Learn to Read the Word
  16. Little Lamb Once Left the Fold, A
  17. Lord, I Hear That Thou Art Calling
  18. More Like Thee, O Lord
  19. Nearer, O Lord, Come, Draw Me
  20. O Come, Ye Poor and Wretched Souls
  21. O Look Above This Vale of Time
  22. O Lord, How Can I Call Thee Mine?
  23. O Lord, My Sins Are Many
  24. O Sinner, Come, the Lord Doth Call Thee
  25. Rest, Sweet Rest
  26. Safe in the Harbor Here We Rest
  27. Teach Me, O Lord, My Soul Is Yearning
  28. The Gates of Heaven Are Open Wide
  29. To Sabbath School I Gladly Go
  30. We Are Sowing, Daily Sowing
  31. Who Speaks, What Are the Words?