760, Italy (some sources say Spain).

Jan­u­a­ry 18, 821, Angers, France.

Orléans, France.

Theodulph was born into nobility, but decided on a life of religious service. His first position was as abbot of a monastery in Florence, Italy. In 781, Charlemagne appointed him Bishop of Orléans, France. However, this flourishing career came to an abrupt end with Charlemagne’s death. Louis the Pious suspected Theodulph of secret loyalty to political leaders in Italy, the country of his birth. These suspicions led to Theodulph’s imprisonment in Angers in 818. His predicament is reminiscent of Paul’s incarceration in Rome. Like Paul, Theodulph’s faith sustained him inside cold stone walls. It was there he wrote All Glory, Laud and Honor, and there that he died.

  1. Gloria, laus, et honor

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