Circa 759-826

Circa 759, Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey).

November 11, 826, apparently in the monastery of Hagios Tryphon on Cape Akritas in Bithynia (now on the northern coast of Turkey, east of Istanbul).

Studios Monastery, Constantinople.

Educated by his uncle Plato, Theodore was banished by Constantine for his resolute refusal to acknowledge the Emperor’s illicit marriage with Theodora in 797. On the accession of Irene (798), he was recalled and enjoyed the favor of the Empress. In 809, he was again banished, for the old cause, refusal to acknowledge the legitimacy of Constantine’s marriage. Recalled once more in 811, he was imprisoned and again banished for his defense of icons, under Leo the Armenian. He was recalled a third time at the death of Leo. He succeeded his uncle Plato as Hegumen of the Monastery of the Studium.

  1. Εϕεστηκεν η ημερα
    • The Day Is Near, the Judgment Is at Hand
  2. Ο Κυριος ερχεται
    • The Lord Draws Nigh, the Righteous Throne’s Assessor
  3. Τὴν Ἡμέραν Τὴν φριχτὴν
    • That Dreadful Day