Ap­ril 29, 1584, Frau­stadt, Po­sen, Prus­sia (now Wscho­wa, Po­land).

De­cem­ber 1, 1635, Ober­pritsch­en, Po­sen (now Przy­czyna Gór­na, Po­land).

Teschner stu­died un­der Jo­hann Klee at the Zit­tau Gym­na­si­um, and en­rolled at the Un­i­ver­si­ty of Frank­furt an der Oder in 1602. There he stu­died mu­sic un­der Bar­tho­lo­mäus Ges­i­us, as well as phi­lo­so­phy and the­o­lo­gy.

He was a can­tor and teach­er in Schmie­gel (1605–08), and at the Zum Krip­plein Chris­ti Church, Frau­stadt (1609). In 1614, he was ap­pointed pas­tor at Ober­pritsch­en.

  1. Franstadt
  2. St. The­o­dulph
  3. Valet Will Ich Dir Ge­ben