June 3, 1885, Swan, Texas.

August 17, 1987, Gunter, Texas.

Forest Park Cemetery, Greenville, Texas.

One of nine children, Teddlie came from a family of musicians. He was especially inspired by Franklin Eiland, and studied at North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas) with his oldest brother, James Teddlie, A. H. Cook, and Dr. Herbert. He began song writing around age 20, but his career of music evangelism began in earnest in 1917. He wrote about 100 songs in his lifetime, and was an active singing teacher and publisher.

  1. Cast All Your Burdens on the Lord
  2. Don’t Wait Too Long
  3. God Sent His Own Son
  4. Hear Me When I Call
  5. Heaven Holds All to Me
  6. I Have Waited Too Long to Prepare
  7. I Remember Jesus
  8. In Heaven They’re Singing
  9. In the Service of My King!
  10. Into Our Hands the Gospel Is Given
  11. Joyful Song, A
  12. Master’s Touch, The
  13. May This My Glory Be
  14. O God of Infinite Mercy
  15. O the Depths and the Riches
  16. Oft We Come Together
  17. Round the Hills in Galilee
  18. Safe in the Harbor
  19. Singing Redemption’s Song
  20. Songs of Salvation
  21. Thou Wilt Keep Him
  22. Time Enough Yet
  23. True Worship
  24. We Shall Meet Someday
  25. What Will Your Answer Be?
  26. When We Meet in Sweet Communion
  27. Worthy Art Thou
  28. You Can Lead Someone to Jesus
  1. Into Our Hands