August 1613, Cambridge, England.

August 13, 1667, Lisburn, Ireland.

In the choir area at Dromore Cathedral, Ireland.

Son of a barber, Taylor entered Caius College, Cambridge, as a sizar in 1626. He became a Fellow of All Souls College at Oxford in 1632; and Rector of Uppingham, Rutlandshire, in 1638. Although imprisoned around 1642, during the great Protectorate he ran a school in Wales with William Nicholson, and served as chaplain to the Earl of Carberry at Golden Grove, Carmathenshire. By 1658 he had moved to Ireland, where he preached in Lisburn and Portmore. He returned to London in early 1660, and signed the loyalist Declaration of the Nobility and gentry. In January 1661, he became Bishop of Down and Connor; he was made a member of the Irish Privy Council in February; was entrusted with the diocese of Dromore in March; and in the same year was appointed Vice Chancellor of the University of Dublin.

  1. Full of Mercy, Full of Love
  2. Lord, Come Away, Why Dost Thou Stay?
  3. Lord, Let Thy Flames of Holy Charity
  4. My Soul Doth Pant Toward Thee
  5. Where Is This Blessed Babe?