19th Century

Spring­field, Il­li­nois.

According to Eva Munson Smith, this author is not Fan­ny Cros­by, who is said to have used Ida Scott Taylor as a pseudonym. Either Fanny’s pseudonym attribution is incorrect, or there is a remarkable coincidence of names. At any rate, Smith’s 1888 Woman in Sacred Song says Taylor was quite young, but does not give a birth date. Smith refers to her as Miss, indicating Taylor was her maiden name.

Taylor lived most of her early life, at least, in Jacksonville, Illinois, and had a story published as a serial in the Jacksonville Journal.

  1. Burden of the Bells, The
  2. Christmas Bells
  3. Christmas Sounds
  4. Crossing the River Time
  5. Easter-Tide
  6. Forsake Me Not
  7. Gospel Light, The
  8. Our Heritage
  9. River of Song, The
  10. Take My Hand