June 20, 1763, St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

August 1817, Maysville, Kentucky.

Taylor is said to have been a Methodist minister who spent most of his career in the back woods of Kentucky and Tennessee. His works include:

  1. Ah, Why This Long and Lingering Pain?
  2. Ah, Why Thus Shed the Silent Tear?
  3. Ah, Why Will My Dear Little Child Be So Cross?
  4. Almighty Love, Inspire My Heart with Sacred Fire
  5. Brethren Most Near and Sisters Dear
  6. Come, All Ye Wand’ring Pilgrims Dear
  7. Come, All You Weary Pilgrims
  8. Come All Ye Zion Travelers
  9. Come and Taste Along with Me
  10. Don’t You See My Jesus Coming?
  11. Good Morning, Brother Pilgrim
  12. Heaven Is a Place of Endless Bliss
  13. I Love My Blessed Savior
  14. I’m Happy on the Way to Glory Land
  15. I’m on My Way to Fair Beulah Land
  16. I’ve Got That Old Time Religion
  17. Let Sinners Toil with Ceaseless Pain
  18. Lord, My Ransomed Soul Adores Thee
  19. O Jesus, My Friend, My Adorable Savior
  20. O Why This Disconsolate Frame?
  21. O Praise the Lord, I’m Saved
  22. Onward I Go with the King of Glory
  23. Precious Soul, While Jesus Calls Thee
  24. Take the Bible for Your Guide
  25. When Counting Up Your Many Friends
  26. When Shall I Be Delivered?
  27. When the Hebrew Children
  28. When the Summons Comes for Me
  29. While Sorrows Encompass Me Round
  30. Ye People Who Wonder at Me and My Ways