20th Century
  1. All Our Trials Will Be Ended
  2. As Along You Go Through This Gloomy Life Below
  3. As in Days of Long Ago
  4. Daily We Are Sowing in the World Wide Harvest
  5. Heart and Life to the Lord I Have Given
  6. Hordes of Satan Can Never Harm My Soul, The
  7. I Am Filled with Peace and Gladness
  8. I Am Going Home When This Life Is Ended
  9. I Am Happy Every Day
  10. If the Clouds Hang Over You
  11. Just Over the River a Mansion Awaits
  12. No Shadows Yonder, All Is So Bright
  13. Peace and Gladness Filled My Soul
  14. Soon the Lord Is Coming in a Cloud
  15. There Is a Happy Land of Promise
  16. ’Tis a Wondrous Salvation That’s Keeping Me
  17. To the Savior’s Promise Clinging
  18. We Are Marching Home to Glory
  19. We Are Traveling to Our Home Above
  20. Working for Our King We Dearly Love