Ap­ril 2, 1817, Bark­ham­sted, Con­nec­ti­cut.

Jan­u­a­ry 30, 1891, Des Moines, Io­wa.

Wood­land Ce­me­te­ry, Des Moines, Io­wa.

Taylor lived for a while in Hart­ford, Con­nec­ti­cut, then moved to Pough­keep­sie, New York, where he played the or­gan at the Cen­tral Bap­tist Church and the First Dutch Re­formed Church.

He then took a po­si­tion as or­gan­ist at a Bap­tist church in Brook­lyn, New York. He lat­er moved to Ni­a­ga­ra Falls, New York, and fi­nal­ly Des Moines, Io­wa.

His works in­clude:

  1. Louvan

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