Tay­lor was a Pres­by­ter­i­an min­is­ter.

His works in­clude:

  1. At the Door
  2. Band of Hope Song
  3. Behold the Lamb of God
  4. Believers’ Work Song, The
  5. Blessed Com­fort
  6. Bright Shines the Gold­en Sun
  7. Christ Is Ris­en from the Dead
  8. Cling Close to the Rock
  9. Come to Je­sus Now
  10. Darling, Go to Rest
  11. God Bless Our School
  12. God Is Near Me
  13. Harvest Home
  14. Hopefully, Joy­ful­ly, Firm­ly We Stand
  15. Jesus Hath Sought Us
  16. Jesus, My Sav­ior, All in All
  17. King of Glo­ry, Reign in Us
  18. My Glo­ri­ous Home
  19. No Mer­it of My Own I Bring
  20. O Bless­ed Mes­sage from on High
  21. O Take Me Kindl­y by the Hand
  22. Our Song of Tri­umph
  23. Praise Ye Je­ho­vah
  24. Safe and Strong
  25. Silent Ri­ver
  26. We Are Tra­vel­ing on in the Light of God
  27. Work, Chris­tian La­bor­er