July 2, 1853, Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales.

January 15, 1928, Wandsworth, London, England.

Tarrant was the only son of a soldier who died in the Crimean War. From 1867–74, he was apprenticed to a silversmith in Birmingham, and became an expert metal worker. There he was influenced by George Dawson, a Unitarian pastor of the Church of Christ, and decided to enter the Unitarian ministry. He graduated from London University in 1883 and served as pastor of the Wandsworth Unitarian Church (1883–1920). He also edited The Inquirer (1887–89 & 1918–27) and the Essex Hall Hymnal (1890). His works include:

  1. Come, Let Us Join with Faithful Souls
  2. Draw Nigh to God
  3. Fathers Built This City, The
  4. Long Ago the Lilies Faded
  5. Light Along the Ages, The
  6. Marching with the Heroes
  7. My Master Was a Worker
  8. Now Praise We Great and Famous Men
  9. With Happy Voices Ringing