October 24 (Erickson) or 29 (Julian), 1794, Beverly, Massachusetts.

June 18, 1849, West Needham, Massachusetts.

Forest Hills Cemetery, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.


Tappan was a clock maker, pastor, and evangelist. In 1822, he became Superintendent of the American Sunday School Union. In 1849, he was ordained as a Congregational minister. His works include:

  1. Holy Be This as Was the Place
  2. Ransomed Spirit to Her Home, The
  3. There Is an Hour of Hallowed Peace
  4. There Is an Hour of Peaceful Rest
  5. ’Tis Midnight, and on Olive’s Brow
  6. Wake, Isles of the South
  7. When Sorrow Casts Its Shades Around Us
  8. While the Solemn Note of Time