March 22, 1845, The Forrest, a plantation near Richmond, Virginia.

November 19, 1909, Ellicott City, Maryland.

Hollywood Cemetery, Richmond, Virginia.


Son of a wealthy Virginia family, Tabb gave up most studies at age 14 due to bad eyesight, and took up the piano. He served in the American civil war, but became a prisoner in 1864. While imprisoned, he met and became friends with poet Sidney Lanier.

After the war, Tabb honed his musical skills and taught at St. Paul’s School in Baltimore, Maryland. He later entered St. Charles College to study theology. He was ordained a Catholic priest on Christmas 1884. However, for the rest of his life he continued to teach English grammar at St. Charles, as well as writing poetry and prose.

  1. All That Springeth from the Sod
  2. Another Lamb, O Lamb of God
  3. Earth’s Tribute
  4. Light and Shadow
  5. Light of Bethlehem, The
  6. Like a Meteor, Large and Bright
  7. Lo All Thy Glory Gone
  8. Paschal Moon, The
  9. Save Through the Flesh
  10. Sunbeam, The
  11. Thou Art to Me as Is the Sea
  12. To the Christ