Lambhill Cemetery, Glasgow, Scotland.


Early in his life, Sykes worked as a conductor and motorman for the Glasgow (Scotland) Corporation Tramways, based at the Possilpark Depot. He was also Secretary of the Tramway Christian Association, and in 1929 became a full-time evangelist, traveling throughout Britain and abroad with his wife Bessie, who wrote the music for most of his songs.

  1. Blessed Are Ye When Men
  2. Don’t Forget There’s a House to Let
  3. Go Shoulder the Hill for Some One
  4. Gospel Ship, The
  5. He Cleanseth Me
  6. Hear the Bugle Sounding Loud and Clear
  7. I Have Plenty Up There
  8. I Took a Plunge in the Crimson
  9. I’ll Ever Tell the Story
  10. I’ll Trust Him All the Way
  11. I’m Acquainted with the Author
  12. I’m So Happy
  13. Keep on Praying, Though the Road Be Rough
  14. Love, Wonderful Love of God
  15. Running Over Is This Cup
  16. Since the Savior Came to This Heart of Mine
  17. Soldier of King Jesus, A
  18. Thank You, Lord
  19. They Say He Is Wonderful
  20. With Christ in the Vessel
  21. Wonder of All Wonders
  22. World Was in Darkness in Sin and Shame, The

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