September 12, 1746, Haarlem, Holland.

March 11, 1813, Bristol, England.

A Moravian minister, Swertner served at various Locations in England and Ireland.

  1. According To Thy Mercy, Lord
  2. Believing Souls, Rejoice and Sing
  3. Christ Is the Vine, We Branches Are
  4. God’s Holy Word, Which Ne’er Shall Cease
  5. Grace and Peace from God
  6. Gracious Lord, Our Shepherd and Salvation
  7. Head of Thy Church, Thy Fatherly Correction
  8. Here in Thy Presence We Appear
  9. Highly Favored Congregation
  10. Holy Lord, by Thy Body-Given Nature
  11. In Humble, Grateful Lays
  12. Jesus, by Thy Holy Spirit
  13. Jesus’ Mercies Never Fail
  14. Lord, God, Our Salvation
  15. Lord Jesus, ’Mid Thy Flock Appear
  16. Lord Jesus, with Thy Children Stay
  17. May the Stream from Thee, the Rock
  18. Most Holy Lord, Mankind’s Creator
  19. Mount Zion, Where the Lamb of God
  20. My God a Man, a Man Indeed
  21. My Redeemer, Overwhelmed with Anguish
  22. Now with Joyful Songs Appear
  23. O Eternal Word, Jesus Christ, Our Lord
  24. O Lord, Who Numberest All Our Days
  25. Our Children, Gracious Lord and God
  26. Praises Thanks and Adoration
  27. Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!
  28. Storms of Trouble May Assail Us
  29. To Thee, Lord Christ, All Praise Be Given
  30. To Thee Our Vows with Sweet Accord
  31. To Thy Brethren Ever Be Propitious
  32. We in One Covenant Are Joined
  33. What Human Mind Can Trace the Condescension
  34. When Christ, Our Lord and Savior Dwelleth
  35. With Thy Presence, Lord, Our Head and Savior
  1. Holy Lord, Holy Lord
  2. Jesus, Thyself To Us Reveal
  3. Make My Calling and Election
  4. My Portion Is the Lord