Jesper Svedberg

Born: Au­gust 8, 1653, Falun, Swe­den.

Died: Ju­ly 26, 1735, Ska­ra, Väs­tra Gö­ta­land, Swe­den.

Buried: Varn­hem Klos­ter­kyr­ka (mon­as­te­ry church), Ax­vall, Ska­ra Kom­mun, Väs­tra Gö­ta­land, Swe­den.


After tra­vel­ing as a young man, Swed­berg was or­dained in 1683, and served as chap­lain of the roy­al cav­al­ry re­gi­ment in Stock­holm.

He be­came friends with King Karl XI, and was ap­point­ed court preach­er, then in 1692 be­came a pro­fess­or of di­vi­ni­ty in Up­psa­la.

In 1702, he be­came bi­shop of Skara, a post he held 33 years.

  1. O Gud, some hörer al­las röst