1876, possibly in Georgia.

Georgia Memorial Park, Marietta, Georgia.

A minister and singing school teacher, Sweatmon lived in Newnan, Georgia, as of 1915. By 1917, he had moved to Louisville, Kentucky. His works include:

  1. Alone at Eve
  2. At the Lord’s Command I Will Take My Stand
  3. Be Thou Faithful Until Death
  4. Echoes from Heaven
  5. Far Beyond the Azure Heavens
  6. God’s Wonderful Love Is Precious to Me
  7. Hear the Gospel Call Today
  8. How Blessed Is the Morning Light
  9. I Am on My Journey to the Land
  10. I Am Thinking of My Home
  11. I Dream of a Country Where Cometh No Night
  12. I Have Found Sweet Peace Today
  13. I Will Fight Harder When Struggles Surround
  14. I’m on the Gospel Highway
  15. I’m Wholly Trusting Jesus
  16. In the Highways and Hedges Go Seek
  17. In the Quiet with God
  18. In the World All Around Is the Glory of God
  19. In Yonder Skies There Is a Place
  20. Jesus Left His Home in Heaven
  21. Jesus Promised He Would Reward
  22. Let Me Accomplish Some Duty Today
  23. March Ye Forward, Soldiers
  24. Men Have Lived in Sin and Shame
  25. Must I Decline to Speak for Christ?
  26. Nearer Home Every Day
  27. No One Has Loved Me Like Jesus
  28. O Blessed Is the Name of Jesus
  29. O Christians, Be Cheerful and Happy
  30. O How Sweet It Will Be in the By and By
  31. O Sing of Heaven to Me
  32. Out in the Cold World I Wandered
  33. Roll On, Sweet Moments, Roll On
  34. Speak a Word for Jesus
  35. There Are Those in Sorrow Needing Help
  36. There Is a Place Prepared for Me
  37. There Is Rest for Those Who Labor
  38. There Will Be a Glad Tomorrow
  39. There’s a City in the Skies
  40. There’s a Place to Fill in the Harvest Field
  41. There’s Work to Do in the Harvesters’ Field
  42. This Earth Is Full of Sin and Woe
  43. Through Life I Am Hurried
  44. ’Twas in Former Years
  45. We Read of a Beautiful City
  46. We Will Gather One by One
  47. When Our Warfare Here Is Ended
  48. When the Pearly Gates Unfold
  49. When Time Shall Be Ended