Peter Sveegen

June 30, 1882, near Alcester, South Dakota.

October 29, 1959, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lakewood Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Sveeggen was the son of Andrew Pedersen Sveeggen and Johanna Sivertsdaughter Sommervold.

A graduate of the University of Minnesota (MA 1909), he taught high school in Decorah, Iowa; at Ellsworth College, Iowa Falls, Iowa; then for 37 years headed the English Department at Augsburg College, St. Paul, Minnesota, and was a specialist on Shakespeare. He published several songs, both in original English and translations from Norwegian.

  1. Lord, Our God, with Prayer We Come
  2. My Heart Is Longing to Praise My Savior
  3. Make Wide the Door, Unbar the Gate
  4. I Am So Glad Each Christmas Eve
  5. I Know a Kingdom Without End
  6. Lord Our God, with Praise We Come
  7. My Heart Is Longing
  8. Ring, O Ye Bells, O Ring Out
  9. Way That unto Jesus Leads, The
  10. With God in Grace I’m Dwelling
  11. Year Again Is Now Descending, A