October 10, 1812, Dorset, England.

May 6, 1882, Nashville, Tennessee.

Mount Olivet Cemetery, Nashville, Tennessee.

Son of James Summers, Thomas emigrated to America, and was admitted to the Methodist Baltimore [Maryland] Conference in 1835. From 1840–43 he was a missionary in Texas, where he founded a Methodist community on Galveston Island. He moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama, in 1844, and Charleston, South Carolina, in 1846. From 1845 he was Secretary of the Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and was also a book editor.

Subsequently, he was Professor of Theology and pastor at Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee. He was Chairman of the Hymn Book Committee of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and edited the Songs of Zion, 1851, and the Wesleyan Psalter, 1855.

  1. Call to China, The
  2. Daylight Fades, The
  3. Father Divine, We Cry to Thee!
  4. Glory to God, the Father, Son
  5. Gods That Gave Us Not Our Birth, The
  6. Great Father on High, Look Down
  7. Morning Bright, The
  8. Nearer, My God, to Thee, Nearer I Sigh
  9. O Father, We Approach Thy Throne
  10. Praise the Savior, Give Him Glory
  11. Sabbath Morning, Sabbath Morning
  12. To Father, Son, and Spirit, One God in Persons Three
  13. To Jesus Our King, Who Sits on the Throne

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