Westover Memorial Park, Augusta, Georgia.

  1. All Who Are Weary, O List to His Call
  2. Ashamed to Say That Jesus
  3. Behold ’Tis He
  4. Blessed Are They Who in Spirit Are Poor
  5. Bridegroom Comes, The
  6. Clap Your Hands
  7. Dark, Dark the Night
  8. Dear Savior, Wash Away
  9. Dear Savior, When Satan
  10. Father in Heaven, I Long
  11. Good Shepherd Knoweth, The
  12. Hark, the Music from the Heavens Stealing
  13. Hark to Jesus, Hark to the Giver of Gladness
  14. Hark to the Words He Speaketh
  15. He That Confesses Thy Name
  16. How Best to Serve My Lord
  17. How May I Know the Truths
  18. I Am the Light, O Words Divine and Sweet
  19. I Will Talk with Jesus Every Day
  20. If I Would Shed a Ray
  21. In a Far Off Country
  22. In God’s Garden, Day By Day
  23. In the Garden, Sad, Forsaken
  24. In Thy Book, O Lord, in Thy Holy Word
  25. Into Thy House, O Lord
  26. It Was for Me, upon the Cross
  27. Jesus Calls for All Who Dare
  28. Jesus Said, Suffer the Children to Come
  29. Jesus, the Savior, Came from Glory
  30. Jesus the Water of Life
  31. Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled
  32. Long Earth Had Prayed
  33. Long Years Ago a Star
  34. Long Years Ago Men Did Not Know
  35. Long Years Ago the Blind
  36. Lord, as Thou Gavest
  37. Lord, Can It Be That My Soul Will Be Clean?
  38. Lord, I Hear Thee Gently
  39. Lord, into Thy Presence
  40. Lord, Not Earthly Treasures
  41. Master and Savior in Years Long Ago, The
  42. Master, Who Is Our Neighbor?
  43. My Best for Jesus, My Lord
  44. My Lord, My God and Savior
  45. My Savior Hath Said That He Careth for Me
  46. No Place for Thy Head
  47. O a Wonderful Message
  48. O Spread the Palms Before
  49. O That Mine Eyes Could Have
  50. On a Hill in a Far Off Country
  51. Once a Tiny Baby, Sweet
  52. Once in a Temple They Found
  53. Only the Gift of a Little Thing
  54. Open Your Hearts to Receive
  55. Our Father, Who in Heaven Art
  56. Out in the Wilderness
  57. Prayer Is the Key of Heaven
  58. Savior, Help Us Put Away
  59. Search Ye the Scriptures
  60. Service That We Give, The
  61. Shepherds on the Dewy Hillside
  62. Some Day, All Men
  63. Stars, You Are Twinkling
  64. There Is No Other Way
  65. They Came to Him from Every Land
  66. Thou Art the Christ
  67. Thou Didst Come Down
  68. Thou Didst Come to Bring
  69. Thy Tears Did Flow, Dear Son of God
  70. We Are Ever Building Temples
  71. We Cannot Tell What Hour
  72. What Makes the Dear Christmas
  73. What Shall It Profit Ye?
  74. When the Evening Sun
  75. When Thou Didst Walk Here
  76. Who Was It Said We Our Foes
  77. Who Will Come Forth
  78. Who Will Still the Angry
  79. Why Comes the Throng?
  80. Would Ye Enter the Kingdom?