July 21, 1816, Köstritz, Reuss, Germany.

May 2, 1896, Leipzig, Germany.

Sturm is remembered as a writer of lyrics, sonnets and of church poetry. He studied theology at Jena (1837-1841), then worked as a private tutor at Heilbronn for two years, then at Friesen, Saxony, for a year. In 1845, he became tutor to Prince Heinrich XIV of Reuss, and after the prince’s confirmation 1848, acted as his tutor for three more years in the Gymnasium in Meiningen. In 1851 he became pastor of Göschitz, and in 1857 at his native village of Köstritz. In 1885 he retired with the title of Geheimkirchen rat.

Sturm’s religious poems appeared in:

His chief lyrics appeared in:

  1. Be Still in God
  2. God’s Anvil
  3. Heart, Leave Your Worried Care
  4. Take Christ on Board
  5. Were the Lord to Ask You Now
  6. When Mother Was Ill