June 27, 1883, Leeds, England.

March 8, 1929, Liverpool, England.


Educated at Leeds Grammar School; Trinity College, Dublin; and Ripon Clergy College; Studdert-Kennedy became Curate at Rugby, and in 1914 Vicar of St. Paul’s, Worcester. When World War I began, he volunteered as a military chaplain. Given the nickname Woodbine Willie for his habit of distributing cigarettes to soldiers, he was noted for his bravery under fire. In 1917, he received the Military Cross after running into no man’s land at Messines Ridge to comfort the injured. In 1922, Studdert-Kennedy was put in charge of St. Edmund King and Martyr in Lombard Street, London.

Studdert-Kennedy’s works include:

  1. Awake, Awake to Love and Work
  2. Not Here for High and Holy Things
  3. When Through the Whirl of Wheels