His birthplace is variously reported as Duffield, Derbyshire, England, or nearby Milford.

February 23, 1895, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Mount Moriah Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Enoch’s parents were Harriet and Reverend James Stubbs.

He emigrated from England to America in 1865, settling in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He joined the Wilmington, Delaware, Conference of the Methodist Church, then transferred to the Philadelphia Conference in 1878. He served at the Central Church, Thirteenth and Vine Streets; the Wharton Street Church; St. John’s, Thirteenth Street; the Asbury Church; and finally, from 1894 until his death, at the Kensington Siloam Methodist Episcopal Church, Thompson street and Susquehanna Avenue.

Stubbs was noted as a teacher of Biblical history and geography, being one of the principal Chautauqua lecturers in those areas.

  1. O Sinner, Come Home