November 9, 1869.

June 13, 1918.

East Hill Cemetery, Salem, Virginia.

Strouse, a minister, at one time edited The Religious Review of Reviews. Copyright records indicate he was living in Salem, Virginia, in 1901. As of February 1905, he was president of the Florida Winter Bible Conference in Gainesville, Florida. His works include:

  1. Bible of Our Fathers, The
  2. Harvest Is Ripe, the Laborers Are Few, The
  3. If You Want to Live Above This World of Sin
  4. I’m a Pilgrim on My Journey
  5. I’m Tired, So Tired of My Straying
  6. Jesus’ Grace Now Makes Us Free
  7. My Heart Was Sad When I Came Tonight
  8. My Jesus, Wilt Thou Hear My Humble Cry?
  9. Of All the Close Friends That to Me Have Been Dear
  10. Out upon the Dreary Mountain
  11. Ring! For the World Is Dying
  12. Some Day I’ll Bid This World Goodbye
  13. There’s a Glorious Song of Triumph
  14. This Old World Will Soon Pass Away
  15. We’ll Work for Jesus Today
  16. What Will the Harvest Be?
  17. Win a Soul to Jesus
  18. Won’t You Come with Us?
  1. His Loving Arms Around Me
  2. It’s Just Like His Great Love
  3. Jesus Is Coming
  4. Someone’s Last Call
  5. Stand Firm