October 5, 1748, Coventry, Connecticut.

December 25, 1816, Hartford, Connecticut.

Old North Cemetery, Hartford, Connecticut.

Strong graduated from Yale College in 1769, worked as a tutor at Yale (1772–73), and was pastor of the First Church in Hartford, Connecticut, from 1774 until his death. During the American Revolution, he served as an army chaplain. He published two volumes of sermons (1798 & 1800), he founded The Connecticut Evangelical Magazine in 1800, and helped establish the Connecticut Home Missionary Society in 1801. His works include:

  1. Alas, Alas, How Blind I’ve Been
  2. Almighty Sovereign of the Skies
  3. Blest Lord, Behold the Guilty Scorn
  4. Long Have I Walked This Dreary Road
  5. Sinner, Behold, I’ve Heard Thy Groans
  6. Smote by Law, I’m Justly Slain
  7. Summer Harvest Spreads the Fields, The
  8. Swell the Anthem, Raise the Song

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