December 31, 1829, Speldhurst, Kent, England.

Eldest daughter of Rev J. J. Saint, Rector of Speldhurst, Charlotte married, in 1862, Royal Navy Lieutenant Charles N. Streatfield (eldest son of Major General Streatfield of the Royal Engineers). Her works include:

  1. And Didst Thou Hunger Then, O Lord?
  2. Brothers, Tread the Holy Portals
  3. He Scarcely Felt the Cruel Stones
  4. High o’er the Glittering Temple
  5. How Beautiful the Hills of God
  6. I Linger Round the Fold of God
  7. In the Paradise of Jesus
  8. Jesus, Tender Shepherd, Seeking for Thine Own
  9. Sweet Shepherd, Thou Hast Sought Me
  10. There Is Joy Amongst the Angels
  1. Langton