A number of hymns attributed to Stocker appeared in the Gospel Magazine in 1776 and 1777. In 1861, Daniel Sedgwick collected and reprinted these in Hymns and Spiritual Songs. John Julian believed Sedgwick had insufficient evidence to attribute all of these to Stocker. Notwithstanding Julian’s doubts, the list is shown below.

  1. Awake, My Soul, Arise and Sing
  2. Away My Doubts, Begone My Fears
  3. Gracious Spirit, Dove Divine
  4. Jesus, My Savior, I Avow
  5. Jesus, My Rock, Which Cannot Move
  6. No Strength in Myself I Possess
  7. O Come, Ye Poor Sinners, with Burdens Oppressed
  8. Of Jesus, My Savior, I’ll Sing
  9. Thy Mercy, My God, Is the Theme of My Song