De­cem­ber 27, 1838, Islington, London, Eng­land.

Au­gust 29, 1898, Penmaenmawr, Wales.

Sarah was sister to Eugene Stock, secretary and historian of the Church Missionary Society. Her hymns appeared in the Church Missionary Hymn Book (London: 1898) and Hymns of Consecration (London: 1902). Her prose works in­clude:

  1. Behind and Before
  2. Called to Thy Service, Lord
  3. Coldly the Wind Is Sweeping
  4. Cry, as of Pain, A
  5. A Debtor! For the Love of God Unbounded
  6. He Shall Reign o’er All the Earth
  7. Jesus! All Sufficiency
  8. Jesus Calls!
  9. Let the Song Go Round the Earth
  10. Lord of Light, and Fount of Love
  11. Lord of Love, and Truth, and Grace
  12. Lord, Thy Ransomed Church Is Waking
  13. Love of Christ Constraining, The
  14. O Master, When Thou Callest
  15. O When Shall Their Souls Find a Rest?
  16. Once Thy Servants Toiled in Rowing
  17. Open Stood the Gates of Heaven
  18. Round Thy Footstool, Savior See
  19. Shut Out from Heaven’s Glory
  20. Someone Shall Go
  21. Tender Light of Home Behind, The
  22. There’s a Fight to be Fought
  23. They Are Waiting Everywhere
  24. Thy Servants, Lord, Are Dear to Thee
  25. Treasures We Have Gathered Here
  26. We Are Children of the King
  27. We Know Not How the Rays That Stream
  28. With Voice of Joy and Singing
  1. Penmaenmawr