January 6, 1869, Potter Hill, Hopkinton, Rhode Island.

January 23, 1944, Janesville, Wisconsin.

Milton, Wisconsin.


Daughter of Jairus M. Stillman and Lenore Langworthy, Clara’s mother died when she was born. Clara was taken into the home of her grandparents, the William L. Langworthys of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. She attended the Boston Conservatory of Music, Alfred University and Milton College, receiving musical training in all these schools. Her father was director of vocal music in Milton College for many years. While attending Milton College, Clara met Dr. Justin H. Burdick, a local physician, whom she married in 1898. Dr. Burdick was killed in a car accident April 3, 1939, in which Clara was critically injured: she had 13 bones broken, and never fully recovered.

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