July 12, 1837, Pennsylvania.

February 28, 1921.

Old Dutch Burying Ground of Sleepy Hollow, Tarrytown, New York.

Coe was the son of Thomas Stewart and Esther Porter.

A pupil of Lowell Mason, he became music director for the public schools of Cleveland, Ohio, in 1869. This was more than a mere administrative position, as he had to teach the teachers how to teach music. At the first high school commencement after he was appointed he electrified the audience by producing the Hallelujah Chorus and excerpts from Elijah.

Stewart later served as president of the Music Teachers Association, and in 1881 he organized and began conducting the Central Musical Association choral group. Just before the turn of the century, Stewart directed the Star Course concert series, which in 1892 featured the New York Symphony’s first performance in Cleveland. Stewart’s works include:

  1. Staten Island

Stewart’s place of death