April 27, 1923.

A native of Glas­gow, Scot­land, Stew­art was convicted of sin at age 19, but did not accept Christ for a few years. He describes his conversion experience:

I was lying on my bed one day in sore anxiety of soul when that Scripture came to me, It is finished, and immediately I entered into peace. I saw for the first time I was 1800 years on the other side of a finished work. I had been looking forward to something to be done by me, whereas I now saw that the work had been finished by another, the Lord Je­sus Christ, on the Cross of Cal­va­ry.

After conversion, he began attending church, and later joined Assembly of Exclusive Brethren in Sauch­ie­hall Street, Glas­gow. Shortly thereafter, he began open air preaching at Phoe­nix Corner, Cow­cad­dens, Glas­gow, later in Clar­en­don Hall and Union Hall. He was frequently in poor health, though, and spent eight months in Aus­tral­ia around 1870, hoping to recover his strength, then returned to Scot­land. Later in life, he moved to Prest­wick, Ayr­shire.

Stewart was a well known preacher and writer, contributing to The Witness and The Believers Hymn Book. His other works include:

  1. O Lamb of God, We Lift Our Eyes
  2. We Seek Thy Face