Late 19th Century

We have little data on Stevenson, except that he was a minister.

  1. Blessed Sabbath, Source of Pleasure
  2. Brothers, Rally for the Conflict
  3. Come, Mourner, Dry Thy Tears
  4. Come, Mourners, Attend
  5. Come Sing to Me of Heaven
  6. Come to Jesus, Weary One
  7. Come to the Fountain Once Opened for Sin
  8. Crimson Stream, The
  9. Father, at Thy Feet Confessing
  10. Follow Me, the Master Said
  11. Glad Tidings! Glad Tidings!
  12. Go to Jesus, Hungry Soul
  13. Going Home, Yes, Going, Home!
  14. Hark, the Golden Harps
  15. Hear the Master Call
  16. Help Me, O God, This Day
  17. Here We Meet, Friends We Greet
  18. I Am Saved by the Blood
  19. I Love Thy Precious Name
  20. I Rest in the Shadow of Jesus
  21. In the Morn, Noon, or Even
  22. In the Ranks of Zion’s Army
  23. In the Sweet By and By
  24. Jesus Bids You Draw Nigh
  25. Jesus Bind My Soul to Thee
  26. Jesus Can Never Fail
  27. Jesus, Hear My Supplication
  28. Jesus Is Here
  29. Jesus Is Risen, and Empty the Tomb
  30. Jesus Is with Me!
  31. Jesus Walks and Talks with Me
  32. Jesus Will Help Me
  33. Join in Song Ere We Part
  34. Keep Me, O God, This Day
  35. Let Us Work for the Savior Now
  36. Light Immortal, Shine
  37. Lord, I Bow at Thy Throne
  38. Lord, I Come, My Sins
  39. Lord, Open Thou Mine Eyes
  40. Loving Hearts We Bring
  41. Many Trials I’ve Met
  42. Near to Jesus, Near to Jesus
  43. Nearer, Jesus, to Thee
  44. Nearer to Jesus, ’Tis Blessed
  45. Now by Faith I Draw Nigh
  46. O, Come to the Mercy Seat
  47. O Father Mine, to Thee
  48. O Sinner, No Longer Despair
  49. O the Joy to Behold
  50. O What Will You Do with Jesus?
  51. O’er the Rapid Stream Is a Land Unseen
  52. Oh, the Wondrous Love of Jesus!
  53. Praise We Bring, O Blessed Savior
  54. Precious Tidings We Hear
  55. Savior, Grant Us Now Thy Blessing
  56. Savior in Mercy Is Calling Today, The
  57. Savior Is Calling You, Sinner, The
  58. Savior, Pass Not By
  59. Savior, Pity My Condition
  60. Savior, to Thy Mercy Seat
  61. Seated on His Throne
  62. Shall We Meet in Heaven?
  63. Sing Praise to God
  64. Sinner, Come to Jesus
  65. Sinner, Why in Darkness
  66. Speak the Truth
  67. Spirit Is Calling, The
  68. Still Toiling for Jesus
  69. Strains of Music, Sweetly Ringing
  70. Strike Your Golden Lyres
  71. There Is a Way, a Narrow Way
  72. There’s a City of Light
  73. There’s a Crown of Life!
  74. There’s a Home in Heaven Secured
  75. There’s a Land Above
  76. There’s a Land of Light
  77. There’s a Savior on High
  78. There’s a Song in Heaven for You
  79. There’s a Sweet Land of Rest
  80. Though Surrounded by Foes
  81. Thy Will, O God, Be Done
  82. Trusting in Jesus
  83. Walking in the Way with Jesus
  84. Wanderer Below, A
  85. We Are Hoping on for the Golden Dawn
  86. We Are Little Travelers
  87. We Are Marching on to Zion
  88. We Are Pilgrims
  89. We Will Sing the Love
  90. What a Blessed Friend Is Jesus
  91. When Life and Its Trials
  92. Why Stand We Here Idle
  93. With Grateful Hearts We
  94. Workers for Jesus, Arouse You