March 18, 1821, St. Marylebone, Eng­land.

July 13, 1891, Howley Place, Paddington, Eng­land.

Nephew of Catherine Stephens, Countess of Essex, Charles studied under Cipriani Potter, J. A. Hamilton, and Henry Blagrove. He joined the Royal Society of Musicians in 1843, and the Philharmonic Society in 1857 (and was later its director). He played the organ at St. Mark’s, Middleton Square; Holy Trinity, Paddington (1846); St. Mark’s, Hamilton Terrace (1862); and St. Saviour’s, Paddington (1872–75). He also served as examiner for musical degrees at Cambridge Un­i­ver­si­ty in 1880.

  1. Blagdon
  2. Howley Place
  3. In Storm
  4. Litany for Those at Sea (Part 1, Part 2)
  5. Westbourne